Single Molecule Science was founded in 2015 by Scientia Professor Katharina Gaus.
Collectively, we tackle both fundamental biological issues and medical problems by investigating molecular mechanisms at play in health and disease. What sets us apart is our interdisciplinary approach of combining the perspectives of a ‘bottom-up’ approach—of single-molecule biophysics, molecular biology, and structural biology—with the bigger picture provided by ‘top-down’ cell biology and physiology. We develop cutting edge technologies and analysis strategies—including conceptual frameworks and mathematical models, as well as innovative experimental and therapeutic strategies—to achieve our goals. Our research addresses major challenges in cancer biology, immunology, neuroscience and much more.

This work is underpinned by the new imaging and analysis technologies being developed by our teams in the Department of Molecular MedicineSchool of Biomedical Sciences. Our department is home to the EMBL Australia Node in Single Molecule Science, and nodes of ARC Centres of Excellence in Synthetic Biology  and for the Mathematical Analysis of Cellular Systems.